Tyler Alicea

Squirrel Privacy Policy

We care deeply about your privacy—your data belongs to you, and you should have explicit control over who has access to that information.

In the name of transparency, this policy details the information we collect during your use of the app and how that information is used.

What we collect

Actions, events, and corresponding metadata—including the time items were created and any notes you provide—are stored on device. If you are signed in to your Apple ID using Apple’s iCloud service, this data may also be stored on iCloud. (See iCloud section for more information.)

Location information, which can be generated when an action is triggered, is provided by the operating system and is only recorded should you opt in to sharing your location. We do not record your location unless you trigger an action, and at no time do we have access to your location data.


We may collect aggregated and anonymous data, which can include information about your device and how you're using the application. This information is collected to improve the app. You may opt out of sending these analytics at any time in the application’s Settings menu.


If you are signed in to your Apple ID using Apple’s iCloud service, a copy of your data will be stored on iCloud to enable syncing between your devices. Additionally, if you complete an in-app purchase using the app's Tip Jar, the value of those purchases will be stored on iCloud for the purposes of having that amount available across your devices.

We do not have access to your data stored in iCloud; however, Apple's privacy policy applies to the usage of their services.

Your Consent

You consent to our privacy policy through your use of this app. This privacy policy may change, and any updates will be noted here.

If you have questions about this privacy policy, email [email protected].

This privacy policy is inspired by Automattic’s Privacy Policy, available under a Creative Commons Sharealike license.


  • June 19, 2020 - First published