Tyler Alicea

Squirrel Help Book

How do I create an action?

  1. Press the + icon in the navigation bar on the main screen.
  2. Enter a name for the action you’d like to track. Alternatively, press the I’m feeling lucky... button to fill the text field with a random action. Use this if you’re looking for inspiration!
  3. Press the save button, and your action will appear.

How do I mark an action as completed?

There are several ways to mark an action as completed:

  • Press the action on the main screen and then press the Complete Action button.
  • When on the main screen, swipe right on the action name to trigger the action.
  • You may also long press on an action on the main screen to show a context menu. Press Complete action to mark that task as finished.

How do I mark an action as completed that I finished in the past?

  1. Long press on the action on the main screen or the Complete Action button on the action screen. A context menu will appear.
  2. Press Add previous event button.
  3. Select the date and time you completed the action. You cannot select a date or time in the future.

You may also press the more (...) button on the action screen, which will show a menu with the option to Add Previous Event.

How can I add notes to an event?

  1. Navigate to the event details screen for the event you’d like to add a note for.
  2. Press the Edit button.
  3. Enter your note in the Notes field and press Save.

How can I record where I completed an action?

  1. Go to the Settings screen by pressing the Gear icon on the main screen.
  2. Toggle the Location switch. If prompted, provide permission to use your location while the application is open.

Your location is only used when completing an action and is not shared with the developer.

How are actions ordered on the main screen?

By default, actions are ordered by the date they were created, with the newest appearing a the top of the list. You may press the filter button at the bottom of the main screen to sort actions by:

  • Alphabetical
  • Creation Time (newest or oldest first)
  • Last Completed Time (newest or oldest first)
  • Number of Completions (most or least first)

Squirrel does not currently allow you to order actions manually, although this functionality will likely appear in a future update.

How can I toggle the notification badge on the app icon?

  1. Press the settings icon in the navigation bar on the main screen.
  2. Press System Settings.
  3. Press Notifications.
  4. Toggle the Badges switch to whether you'd like to see the notification badge on the app icon.

How can I export my actions and action history?

  1. Press the settings icon in the navigation bar on the main screen.
  2. Press Data and Analytics.
  3. Press Export Data. A menu will appear with an option to choose where you’d like to save or send the .csv file. The file will contain a record for each time you’ve completed an action.

How can I see the keyboard shortcuts that Squirrel supports?

When a hardware keyboard is attached to your device, press and hold the ⌘ key to see a list of keyboard shortcuts that are available on that screen.

Will you add this feature to Squirrel?

Please send any feedback to [email protected].